Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Easter Bunny Left A Scavenger Hunt....

While the kids were on a boat ride first thing in the morning with Grandpa Joe for their customary trip to the donut shop, the Easter bunny stopped by and left a hidden scavenger hunt in order for them to find their Easter baskets.
Once everyone got in from the boat, they read the first clue.
Aunt Julie was also making some cute "bunny biscuits."
 The silly bunny left the next clue across the street in the new garden!
 After a couple more clues, it lead them to the top patio... I love seeing them standing on the other side of the glass door and windows trying to get the door opened.
 Our little bunnies.
Such fun for all!

1 comment:

Lisa Johnson said...

Such a precious idea! Love that!

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