Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 3 - Sledding and More Skiing!

We woke up Monday morning to SNOW!!!!
 In the mornning, we all headed sledding however we only good find a tube!
 We slope was less than ideal but Blake and I got a workout pushing the kids, anyways.

 So then at lunch again, Meme, Blake and Carter headed back up the mountain to ski while Addie and I had a fun girls afternoon... she got to choose to go anywhere she wanted in Park City... can you guess where she chose???
The Park, of course!!
Carter did incredibly skiing again, after a few greens, he told Blake he was really ready for BLUES this time. He was for real; it was like it clicked and he was off... the mogals, the steapness, the mogals AND the steapness... none of it bothered Carter! He was an offical skier!

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