Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 2 Skiing: The Canyons!!

After the park, Blake, Carter and I took off and jumped on our hotel's own gondola that took us up to the Canyon Resort base. After quite a work out the first day, Meme decided to stay home with Addie and enjoy the snow.
 Carter had been BEGGING all morning to get to the mountain.
 I was truly shocked that here on the second day, Blake and I were skiing with our five year old. We went down some greens for a while and then we tried some much steeper BLUES. That was a little hard for Carter. So we returned Carter to the GREENS and Blake and I took turns going and doing some harder stuff. It worked out perfectly!

 Carter started getting more and more confident with the runs and then started going up the sides of the runs into the trees. He also was trying to ski on one ski... it was then we knew he was ready for some BLUES.
We LOVED the vibe at the Canyons Resort, they had great music on and all these beach chairs lining the edge of the snow where everyone was hanging out waiting for friends and sun bathing.
They also had stage set up with live music, food stands all around, a really great place to ski!
After Addie woke up from a good nap, they came up and enjoyed the rest of the early evening playing in the snow and people watching.

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