Thursday, April 12, 2012

Carter's 1st Round Of Golf (9 holes)

About 9 months ago, my girlfriend Liz, introduced me to the "marble system" of discipline. It's more like way to reward the kids for catching them with great behavior or doing things over and above what is expected and to punish for poor behavior or choices. Once their individual jar is filled up (it usually takes around a month,) they each get to choose ANY fun activity to do one-on-one with Mommy and/or Daddy. We have done Monster Golf, ice cream trips, Put-Put Golf and one of the recent reward for Carter was that he got to go play his first REAL round of golf with daddy. (These prizes are all usually due to GROUPON.) He was SO excited. It was only a nine hole par three course, but Carter was begging for more. Blake wanted him to leave wanting more but I have a feeling come some cooler weather & maybe a GOLF CART, Carter will be ready for a full 18 holes.

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