Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Carter - End Of Season Basketball

About a month ago, Carter played his last two winter basketball games and we couldn't be more impressed with who he did playing as a five year old in the under 7 league. The second to last game, Carter scored 14 points playing only half the game. He was so exciting having so many family and friends there cheering him on and we know what a boost that is to Carter when he is on the court!
In Blake's 5th season of coaching Carter's sports, he did the perfect job coaching these 5-7 year olds. He has this unbelievable gift of extreme patients and stays so calm when everything around him is chaotic. Besides wanting to teach the kids the sport, he wants each and everyone, most importantly to have fun. I am so proud of him. 
 Blake and his team...
 Without a doubt the "most improved team" of the season. They went from loosing the first half of the season to winning the entire second half, ultimately beating the older and much larger teams.
 The family support was amazing. The Metcalf Four, YaYa and Grandpa, Erin and Matt & Lolli! (This was the game Carter scored his career high of 14 points playing half the game.) See fans do help the players!
 The Perkins came for the very last game of the season.

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