Friday, March 30, 2012

Park City... we arrived!!!!

While boarding our 7AM flight to Salt Lake via Denver, the Captain invited Addie and Carter into the cockpit to see all the buttons and lights. What a way to start our vacation!
For Christmas, we invited Blake's mom to join us. It had been 35 years since she had skied and we knew she would have the best time with us in the snow!
In Denver, we only had a 30 minute layover so I let the kids burn some energy on the moving boardwalks.
The combination of an IPAD and a special treat of a Sprite is what it took to keep these kids happy!
Throw in the mountains outside the window and they were elated!
These landscape shots are brought to you by Carter Brown.
In the future, if the kids were to ever ask why their dad has to travel so much, it will be good to have these pictures to remind them of the benefits being out of town 2 days every single week will give you a few times a  year. We stayed 4 nights free in a Waldorf Astoria, two level, two bedroom suite with a FULL kitchen, living and dining room. Forget reminding the kids... I need to be reminded when I feel like he has been gone a ton!!!! ;)
 Forget the suite, soon after we arrived, Carter was at the door begging to go play in the snow... a theme common during the four day trip!!!

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