Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lake Medina

 Although the 55 foot deep lake had dwindled down to a small river, we had a fantastic time exploring what is on the bottom of a lake!
 Lots of shells, bones and of course a couple of beer cans.
 Parts of the deepest part of the lake have enormous boulders.
 Thank you for having us Amanda and Zak.
 Addie declared herself as a GREAT rock climber by the end of the afternoon.
It was neat to see the kid's test their limits and we were surprised how many times they fell, scratched themselves all up, and yet seconds later, jumped up to make the next "find."
 Back at the house there was lots more bouncing and micro brewed beer, of course, served in true lake house fashion, in whatever you can find to pour it into!
 The Volz family have the ideal lake house mentality... laid back, whatever goes as long as everyone is safe and it's all about the time you have together & the memories you make. There was hardly any TV, shoes, cell phones or eating indoors. Just the way we LOVE it. Thank you for sharing your little oasis away from the real world with us.
 Washer fun...
 After a yummy dinner, we of course left room for Easter Peep Smores!
 Just an all around ideal weekend in the country.

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