Monday, March 5, 2012

First Lobster (Both Pet & Dinner)!

Lolli & Pops invited us over for a Seafood dinner.
While we steamed the mussels, we played with the four lobsters from Maine.
Addie couldn't get enough of these little things and before we knew it, had 25+ empty shells in front of her.
I was so proud of my baby girl.
I was so proud of Carter too!
More fun with the lobsters... the old rule of "no playing with food," was void that night!
He even helped cook our crab cakes, which Addie "tore-up!" (One of her newer favorite sayings!)
Waiting patiently for 8 minutes...
To enjoy the sweetest, most perfect tasting Lobster, ever! They loved every single bite. We were so proud of them and how they embraced everything.

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