Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kicking Booty

So I have to say, I was having second thoughts on Carter playing basketball as a super young five year old with ALL six and seven year olds in his league. I was nervous they were 4-8 inches taller, quite a bit faster and some just plain mean... well, I say that because one day during practice, a boy told Carter he was slow. But boy was I wrong, I forgot to take into account that Carter has one thing that 95% of the other boys don't. He GETS it. He has the HEART and the plain out SMARTS. In fact, this last game, he scored ALL of his team's points and his defense (as pictured above) is really improving. He came home from practice this week telling me how he scored a jump shot from the free throw line during their scrimmage. His confidence in his skills is increasing and with that we are seeing unbelievable growth every week.

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