Monday, February 6, 2012

Household Project Overload.

I'll admit that I have taken on WAY too many little projects around the house all at the same time.  As Blake rolled his eyes at me tonight, he smiled and said he knows I know no other way but 110%. It's so bad, at 8:30 PM, my sweet neighbors yelled from across the street, "Take a break!!!!," after seeing me slave in the garage all weekend long.

I tend to have the mentality, there will be time for a break when I'm dead or at least when this group of projects are completed. In the mean time, the kids had a blast putting together a chandelier with hundreds of glass balls.
I was LOVING all the attention to detail!

1 comment:

Jessica Tondre said...

Are you kidding me? Please start selling these so I can be your first customer!!! Amazing!

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