Saturday, February 18, 2012


That's how many days this project AND how man coats of PAINT it took to go FROM THIS....
Step One: Carter first had to prep it for me and remove all the hardware (which he LOVED) and lightly sand it to rough it up some.
Step Two: We had to apply the primer and 2-3 heavy coats of it. This Zimmer stuff is awesome because you don't have to heavily sand all the old lacquer or paint off.
We ended up using the spray version to do the fronts of the drawers.
Then it was time for 2 coats of paint. Now the KEY to this project, besides the Zimmer, was this amazing paint conditioner called Floetrol. Basically it slows down how fast the paint dries therefore greatly diminishing the ability to see the brush strokes. You just mix a few ounces into the paint and get to painting. So cool.
Carter concentrated on the back.
After 2 full coats which tool forever, I took a drawer inside to see it in the living room. I was shocked to see it was a different shade/color than my original paint sample. YES... I know what you are thinking, "how did you paint to coats before realizing this?" Well, I was freezing in my garage for those several late nights and the lighting was horrendous, so I just didn't notice it until inside. Long story with the paint mix up but after a early morning trip to the paint store to fix the error, ONE more coat of paint was applied.
Then it was on to the not ONE, not TWO but THREE coats of protectant.
With the hardware back on, it was finally in place.... as a reminder of what it looked like before...

I never had "HAND PAINT A PIECE OF FURNITURE" on my bucket list. But I have quickly added it just so I can cross it off. Wow.... am I glad that's done.

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