Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Orleans For Danielle

Blake and I jumped on a flight to New Orleans to see my half-sister, Danielle, play basketball during her freshman year at Tulane University. She started her career as a Green Wave hot and hasn't cooled off. Between basketball games, we ate our way through New Orleans. I forgot how unique and great that city is... so much amazing food and so little time.
Some of our favorite meals from this trip: Everything at hole in the wall Fisherman's Cove Harbor including the best oysters of the half shell Blake and I have had in over five years, late night dinner at Bourbon Street's Le Bayou including Laura's shrimp, grits and green tomato specialty, Up town's Camella's with the line out the door. Luce avocado and fried oyster sandwich and Louisiana local amber beer.

One of my favorite memories of walking through a gorgeous and silent Tulane campus during the holidays. Only in New Orleans would you look up at one of the amazing tree canopies and see this.
Laura, Blake and I had a wonderful morning exploring Royal, Bourbon and Canal Street including the French Quarter.
But forget all the divine food and amazing sights to see, we were there for one thing or person that is! DANIELLE!
Danielle's beloved long board she zooms around campus on.
I love this story with this little girl, Summer. Her grandfather randomly has season tickets to all Tulane games and her mom brought her a game a couple of weeks ago. For some reason, Summer fell in love watching Danielle play and has been to every home game since. They have no ties to Tulane or the basketball team. Her mom even told me that they are going to fly to Memphis for Danielle's opening conference game next weekend just to watch her play. (Apparently, Miss Summer's grandfather is very high up with United Airlines so Summer will get to see Danielle as much as she wants!) ;)

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