Friday, January 13, 2012

Megan Perkins... this is your assignment.

So in early November, smack in the middle of training for the marathon as well as the kitchen remodel, with the holidays fast approaching, Blake and I made a pact that come January, we were going to take it easy and do nothing for an entire month....

It's January 13, 2012 and Blake has joined a competitive indoor soccer team that plays each week, Carter has started his third season of basketball (which Blake is coaching, of course,) Addie just had her second week of cooking class and I just finished having the life changing vision surgery - LASIK, that over night (rather in just 106 seconds) resulted in having perfect 20/15 vision.  This, after having been diagnosed legally blind several years ago. Needless to say, our pact has failed miserably but there is always February, right?

In addition, my best friend Megan and I, started an intermediate photography class together this past week and for the next 4 weeks. Each week, we will have assignments but this first week I decided to give us our own additional assignment from something we discussed in class.

Night shooting our of home with no flash:

Only Rules:
It has to be SOOC with zero editing. All I did was crop to 5X7.
This shot ended up being right at 6:30 PM while sunset was at 5:55 PM.The details: M-f(22) S(30 seconds) ISO 200 (I just didn't think 100 had enough light.) I wasn't real thrilled with the shot tonight. I lost the part that connects my camera to hook into my tripod, so I was holding it on top of my tripod while my left thumb was gushing blood wrapped in a paper towel after deeply slicing it while slicing celery in the middle of making dinner, 30 seconds prior. ;) I think I am going to retry f-14 to allow in some more light later this weekend, order another connector and not do this while making dinner.

SECOND assignment, we must calibrate our monitors. Email me Megan, if you find out a good how-to!!! Love you and glad we are doing this.

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Jessica Tondre said...

So excited about your LASIK - can't wait to hear about it! Your photograph is amazing, too! Where are you taking the class? I need a beginner one.

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