Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: Week 7 FINAL WEEK!

Alleluia... at 7:34 AM and 46 full days later, we had a six hundred pound island maple counter (no joke) and cabinet doors.
That same day, we had Bruce hanging our lights!
It was time to bring out the champagne....
Can you believe just forty six nights ago, we were doing this?
Now with the Perkins and the Boerckels. in town from Austin, we toasted the island.
 Even in very impromptu and last minute get togethers, on the very first night, the island served the purpose I always had for it, in my head. It's the hub of the house.
 Big enough to not have to hear any part of the conversation these three might have been having...
 But small enough for the six of us to be in the same conversation when need be.
 Wow... I remember when it was just the six of us, slightly over five, years ago!!!
Blake and I were so thrilled to get to celebrate such a great night with you all.

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Mayu said...

Hi! Your large island looks amazing! We are building a new house and we are planning to install a large island - 5'X12' - without a sink nor stove. But our builder tells us it's be better to put something (like a sink) because it'll be too large of a space. I'm wondering how big is your island. It seems large, but it looks amazing for a party. I know from experience that people gather around the kitchen island (small or big) anyway!

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