Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: Week 6 Wrap Up

This was the week after Thanksgiving and the name of the game this week, was waiting. We waited nearly all week for the tile to come in from California and of course with the holidays, it was even slower than they thought. In the mean time, Carter watched Bruce the electrician hard at work.
The good news this week, was Hank arrived with the inserts for most of the cabinets. We love all the pull outs!
Storage, storage and more storage. Hank kept saying this was the coolest island he had EVER built simply because of how much stuff was in it.
Our new pantry is taking form.
Finally towards the end of thew week the tile arrived and was layed. The tone of the gray was perfect.
The tile arriving just a week late did slow us down simply because it was better to get tile in, grouted and sealed before we had the eight new appliances delivered and installed.

This was the first and only week I was very frustrated with the whole process. In hind-sight, it wasn't too bad, but in the moment six weeks in without a kitchen and now SMACK in the middle of the holidays, I was SO READY to be D.O.N.E.

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Unknown said...

Do you remember the make and name of your backsplash? It is amazing and I'd love to use it!

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