Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Dentist For Addie!

Carter did an excellent job showing Addie how much fun it is to get your teeth counted and to find any "sugar bugs!" Addie just stared for the first ten minutes, taking it all in...

When it was Addie's turn, she jumped right up in the chair!
They pulled out the neatest tooth brushed shape device with a camera on the tip to take pictures of Addie's mouth. I love Addie's comment, "Ohhhh mom, we don't have that kind of camera, we need to get one of those!"
She had a full cleaning, flossing and fluoride treatment.
This was the first time Carter had taken X-rays and he was giggling the entire time. His big teeth are coming in and doctor said his teeth are very close together and it made sense that one of his bottom adult teeth is already twisting on it's way up. Ideally, you want your toddler's teeth to look like white picket fences... the more space in between the better! (Definitely not my kids' case.) We talked about what protocol is for kids these days with straightening and how much it has evolved over twenty years. Pretty interesting.
Before we knew it, Addie was begging to take "pictures of her teeth." They said it was rare to have a young 3 year old stay still enough but they said it was ideal to do it now. So we got to see her big teeth and how they were coming in.
Then it was time to officially meet Dr. Bob and Addie begged to take a picture with him.
It was a great first visit and am glad the kids are learning to love the dentist and look forward to their visits every six months.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Our close friends know what Dave Ramsey advocates Blake and I both are and it made sense for us to introduce Carter and Addie to some of his principles before the age of twenty-three, which is how old Blake and I initially were.
Eighteen months ago, Carter received this piggy bank and it has been sitting on his dresser ever since. We didn't want to push anything on him but when opportunities arose since that time, we explained what it was for. Any time he got money from someone, say ten bucks from Mema for Halloween, we would explain how he can put $4 in the "spend," $3 in the "save," $2 in the "donate" and the last one in the "invest." Since he was so young, he has really never questioned it and now just thinks that is normal.
There are several things that are just plain expected in our house since the kids were two, like bringing their plates to the sink after each meal, feeding the dogs and picking up their rooms and toys around the house. But then we realized that there were other extra things the kids would want to help with, like picking up dog poop with daddy, washing the windows with mommy or helping fold laundry. We never ask them to do it but are always willing to encourage them to if they would like. They know that those certain "chores" are worth 25 cents or maybe even 50 cents. Carter helped wash daddy's car a few times for a high dollar sum of $1.
I noticed last week that Carter's piggy bank was starting to gett full and started thinking of an item he had been admiring of his Cousin Marshall's all summer... a pair of "REAL" swim team flippers. As much time as we spend at the pool, I thought this would be a good first thing for Carter to get to purchase with his own money and he was all about it!!!! We first went to Marshall's Championship Swim meet at Blossom and then headed to the store where I was certain we would be in and out with a new set of fins in less than five minutes flat. (Notice the bag of money Carter had in his hand that we wouldn't let out of his sight.)
Boy was I wrong and looking back, I think God had a plan. He wanted Carter and I to remember this first "commission buying" experience because not only was the first specialty swim place sold out of his size flippers but so was Academy, Leslie Pool Supply, Love to Swim and Sun & Ski Sports. This twenty minute quick lesson for Carter turned into a nearly two hour excursion all across town. I sincerely do believe this happened for a reason... Carter and I got to talk and talk and TALK about what it means to work, what we do with our money, why we take care of what we have and so on. Carter didn't complain once about getting in and out of the car over seven times. (Notice the bag still glued to his hand.)
I had started explaining to Carter what AMAZON.COM was and how we could maybe have the flippers here by Wednesday if we rushed home now to order. He really wasn't to excited about this method... some four year instant gratification thing, I guess. But then, after one last Google search on my EVO, I found a store called DJ's inside 410. Not only did they have the EXACT flippers we needed, they were the cheapest of the all the stores!! I had called to see if they had them while we were en route and explained to them I had a very excited little boy in the car!
The icing on the cake was that DJ's Sporting Goods officially closes at 3PM on Saturdays and Carter and I arrived a 3:15. My heart melted when I saw the closed sign and time but was in shock when they were standing at the door ready to unlock it in order to let Carter Brown in and make his very first purchase. What great young men!
Just as we had talked about two hours before, Carter brought his "donation" money to church that night and got to give his very own earned tithe for the VERY FIRST time. The whole way home he asked what chores he needed to do to buy a Spider Man Fishing Pole that he saw at Academy. So... I think he's already getting the point. ;)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Last Night In Port A...

After nap, we mixed it up and all headed to the pool. It was a nice break from the sand.
 We headed straight for dinner out at Cody's, the perfect Port A resturant for our large group with seven kids that old or younger!
 Put Put afterwards!
 Sweet Kaylee decided to decorate my hair with flowers instead of finishing her round.  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Addie's First PROFESSIONAL Haircut

Almost a year ago, I gave Addie her first trim but after being asked by people if she had highlights due to her tips of her curls being so bleached by the sun, it was time for her first real haircut. We went to the very same place that Carter had his done nearly 3 1/2 years ago...
She even wanted to get her hair washed and not just sprayed. I told her it was mommy's very favorite part of getting my hair cut.
It wouldn't have been a true girls' afternoon of pampering without having her BFF (in a car) by her side. Although it was no where near Ella's first haircut, she was there to support Miss Addie.
Her sweet curls covered "Lightening McQueen."
Her stylist Margo, even gave her a cool french braid to top it off.
Addie was thrilled to get her purple balloon and glitter face stamps before leaving.
Don't both girls look gorgeous?!?!
Then the four "men" met up with us for church and a night on the town (a.k.a. dinner.)
And no we didn't plan the boys coordinating shirts!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dolphins and More... (WAY MORE!!)

Blake and I surprised the family with tickets to Dolphin Excursion on Father's Day evening. In my 25+ years of trips to this beach, I had never done this and totally took a chance for the fourteen of us.
I even managed to find seven coordinating outfits for the seven little ones. In descending age L-R Sean(7), Kaylee(5), Carter(4), Carson(3), Addie (not pictured), Rose (2) & Cali (1)
Meme was in Heaven with all seven.
As soon as we boarded and started taking off, we were seeing dolphins!!
Then the three year olds decided to go and make friends with Captain Billy and the CB radio.
Before we knew it, they were driving the boat!
It was a gorgeous Sunday evening and we all had lots of time to just hang out...
What a wonderful Father's Day night to remember, I didn't think it could have gotten any better...
Until we dropped a big net and got to pull it up!!!
They were anticipating what was inside.
And it didn't disappoint. This was an AMAZING hands on experience for the kids. One that our family won't soon forget.
 And when I say "hands on," I mean it... a baby shark.
More live hermit crabs than you could ever want...
There were blow fish, flounder, squid, crabs, male fish that had eaten their female's eggs (so cool) and....

STING RAYS!!!!! The kids could play with the dozens and dozens of different live creatures... there was only one rule the entire time.... THE FIVE SECOND RULE... you had to dip the fish back into the water every 5 seconds so they didn't die!!
(Did you see Carter's expression on his face above?)
I can't even begin to say what a great excursion this was and a fantastic way to begin our first night together!
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