Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Sister, The All-Star.

A couple of Friday's ago, my half-sister played in the state All-Star game that was held here in San Antonio. We were all so proud of her and she had quite the Tulane green cheering section front and center. She is leaving this summer to play ball at Tulane University! Danielle is the best example of what hard work, dedication and preserverence to something you love can reap you.
Aunt Danielle wasn't the only girl flying that night...
We are so proud of you!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

Looking back over these pictures of one of our fun nights at the beach more than a week ago, I still feel the need to turn on Lion King's famous song, "Can You Feel The Love Tonight."

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Addie - 3 Year Old Well Visit

Addie 3 Year Old Stats:
WEIGHT: 32 pounds (63%) (hasn't gained any weight for about 5-6 months; same as Carter at this age)
HEIGHT: 37" (50%)
Dr. J said Addie was off the charts across all five areas of development and her speaking was on the level of a four and half year old. Her left tube was still in place and right tube was in the canal dislodged. She did see fluid in the right ear so we started drops 3X a day and Dr. said to stay out of water for a few days. In efforts to keep Addie on the least amount of medicine as needed but to keep her allergies well-controlled, we are adding on Omnaris nose spray for one week in efforts to take off Singular (this was our original plan but at a young two years old, Addie wasn't too interested in nose spray a year ago.) If this goes smoothly, we will transition Addie from Advair 2 puffs 2X/day to Ventolin 1 puff 2X a day for a few weeks. (I didn't know but the recommendations to only use Advair in children for the shortest time possible and every 3 months try to transition off to Ventolin.) Dr. said this is the perfect time in the summer when allergies are at their lowest levels. Eventually if all these little transitions keep everything under control, we may try to transition the Zyrtec to 1X/day or 2 half doses or down even more. We will see. Otherwise, her night time allergy cough has been well-controlled for the most part over the last 6-9 months. 

After 2 big shots, we immediately headed to Addie's swim lesson (so much for the "no swimming" doctor's orders from thirty minutes ago.) I know I am such a bad mom... but doc ultimately said, "OK."
And since her ears were already wet, we decided to do our third dinner in a row at our pool and I am SOOOO glad we did... because something clicked on this particular night!!!!
Addie finally gave her GOGGLES a chance and with the unbelievable help from her big brother, she realized she could actually see under water if she wore them. The started holding hands facing each other and would both go underwater and look at each other. She couldn't get enough of it. The three of us were screaming with excitement as Addie finally learned how to swim ten feet at a time completely under water by herself. Carter and Addie would hold hands jump from the stairs together and I would gently hold Addie's other hand to prevent Carter from accidentally pulling her down and they would really swim together. All night it was AGAIN, AGAIN!! ONE MORE TIME.... ONE MORE TIME!!!! I was one proud momma and I am sure our neighbors heard us celebrating!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Growing Up Ceremony - Carter

 Patiently waiting to go up on stage to perform with his entire 4 year old class.
 Our sweet boy is such a rule follower. It was so interesting to watch him up there. He didn't take his eyes off his teacher making sure he was doing every move correctly.
 I asked Addie to smile and this is what I got...
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