Sunday, February 19, 2012

Miss Addie

Since we can remember, Addie has been in love with all dogs. I wanted to take a moment and remember how this strong affinity to four legged friends has continued. Each and every day, Addie feeds Smokey. Mostly with out needing to be reminded or even with much help any more (except to open the door.)

No matter what she is doing, if Smokey comes with in two feet of her, she completely stops what she is doing, pets him and talks to him for a minute and then carries on with what she was doing before. She gets a total kick out of allowing him to lick her entire face. After three years of this, I have almost given up asking her to close her mouth.
 Most of the time, she sits out there with him while he eats and tries to hand feed him.

Addie and I got some one-on-one time at one of her friend's birthday parties at the Witte Musuem. I know somewhere exists the very same pictures of me 25+ years ago on this same elephant. This is a San Antonio staple.

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