Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Trip To Mema's House.

For more than twenty five years, Mema has lived in these same apartments. There is something comforting about the routine we have during our regular visits. Some of my earliest memories near Carter's age were in her apartment. She would pan sear me a bacon wrapped fillet with green beans and I would eat it on the very same coffee table that is still in the center of the room.
 The sound of the metal latch unlocking. You can more than likely always look to the right and see a filled up bird feeder attracting dozens of birds that Mema can watch out her window.
 By the time you put your hand on the brass screen door handle, she was across the room, getting ready to stand up to greet us, each and every time.
 Her blue ottoman is her favorite spot where she can see everything going on in the apartment complex.
 Always big hugs!
 You can always count on peppermints in Mema's house at all times. 
 The kids keep busy by ringing the small bells she has all around and looking at the dozens of framed pictures.
 This particular visit, they took a tour of her kitchen. Carter was probably trying to score some yummy sweet snacks she has around. I remember as a child, she LOVED making angel food cakes for us.
 Being nosy in her bathroom.
 This visit, we took down a picture of myself, from when I was around Addie's age and had fun showing Addie what I used to look like...
What a great Sunday visit.

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