Sunday, September 18, 2011

These Two Kids...

... are unbelievable together.
Over the last couple of months, the impossible has happened, Carter and Addie have gotten even closer and can't be without one another.
99% of the time, we hear giggles through out the house and their imaginations going wild playing with one another. They pretend to be dogs many times...
Other times, it's LIONS. A couple of weekends ago, while at the lake, they pretended to be "LIONS" for over a an hour.
Yes... she has her older brother pinned..
They played incredibly gently together and it wasn't until the end that Addie started wrestling him and we had to break up the "cubs."
I hid and recorded this interaction a couple of nights ago.
A big hit and routine in the mornings is driving the car around, usually with Smokey in tow.
Last weekend, Blake and I decided to divide and conquer a few afternoon errands, taking one child with each of us. Carter was constantly asking Blake, when Addie was going to be back?
Whether it's playing dolls, playing cars or with the IPAD, we can't keep these two away from one another right now. We are soaking in this amazing stage and well aware that it can switch in a moment's time. In ten years, when they are each other's last nerves, I want them to look back and see how well they can get along.

This journal entry reminded me of the signs we saw super early on of how close they were. I prayed it would continue and so far, so good.

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Amanda said...

Cute! Maddie and Brooke often play that dog game too.

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