Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shopping With Addie

I realize this is an activity that Addie and I will do together that will greatly evolve over a twenty year period. So I decided to document the memories at 3 years old.

TASK: To find some new big girl panties in the next size up.
MOOD: Excited but had to bribe her with a icy popcicle to hurry up and get in the car so we could go run some errands.
WHAT SHE WORE: Cotton multicolored dress ($5 from Walmart) and brown sandals that are still way too big that she took off inside North Star Mall before we walked into the store.... yuck! Oh yes and her pink fairy wings!
WHAT STORE WE WERE HEADED TO: Gymboree (because they hands down make THE BEST boy and girl underware in the WORLD! - Thank you Julie Metcalf!)
THE SCENE INSIDE THE STORE: I headed straight for the huge clearance bins and handed her a few headbands and accessories to try on. I told her to go to the back of the store and look in the mirror and decide if she liked them. Well, on the way, several women kept telling her how adorable she was so she insisted on putting on tons of new accessories and walking to the mirror to look at herself. I quickly found out she wasn't even making it to the mirror, instead, she just liked the women telling her how cute she was. After that, she parked it in front of the kid's TV and waited for me to pick out everything.
LOOT, TIME & TOTAL SPENT: Two stylish handkerchief headbands, one pair of purple sunglasses and four pairs of new XS panties. Twenty minutes. $18.17.
WHAT WE DID AFTERWARDS: Met daddy and Carter at Mema's for dinner and then church.

I can so tell this whole shopping scenario will change tremendously in the future!

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