Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Marathon Monday (#6/16) Lots of Travel

Scheduled Running: 4 miles, 5 miles, 4 miles, 11 miles = 24 miles

Actual Running: 5 miles, 5 miles (treadmill), 11.2 miles (Lindale on golf course took ) calves sore first 3.5 miles, felt great at end, very sore right outer hip for 3 days & 13 mile bike ride = 21.2 miles

I was out of town majority of the week but the good thing about running is you can do it anywhere, right? It was a good week even though I didn't get in one of my shorter runs. I opted for a long bike ride since my right outer hip was very sore.

This was my view most of my 11 mile run at Hide-a-way Golf Course in Lindale, TX. If you have never run on a golf course at 5:45AM, you are missing out. Forty-five holes of perfectly manicured grass, ice cold water pitchers filled up & enormous sprinklers going to cool you off. Nothing like a pink sunrise.

My new running gear item of the week was my $8 LED headlight from Wal-mart, that ended up being so comfortable that I forgot about it the entire second hour and wore it the whole run with the sun up.
Overall, it was a good and uneventful week, running wise. I am beginning to see how physically demanding the next eight weeks are going to be. Gone are the short runs of three and four miles. I keep telling myself to just concentrate on ONE WEEK at a time. I am trying not to look ahead at my running schedule as I sometimes find it a bit unbelievable. It is a crazy feeling to be able to say that I could confidently run a HALF-Marathon in a week or two. However at this point, it is beyond stressful, to think about running TWICE that in about two months....

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