Friday, September 23, 2011

Birthday Parties!

Wow... birthday party season is upon us and it started out with two spectacular ones, if I say so myself.

Saturday, our good neighbor friend, Avery, celebrated turning six with the super cool REPTILE MAN!
Nothing like starting your Saturday with a few snakes crawling all over you!
Sunday, it was on to a much more girly party complete with a real castle and Addie's best friend, Ella.
Did you know San Antonio has a real castle??? 
 The girls were there to celebrate Laney's birthday!
Everyone came dressed like a Princess or Prince and there were lots of fun accessories to complete the outfits. 
Lining up to head up THREE flights of stairs to the TEA ROOM. My favorite memory of the day was right here. Originally, Addie was about 4th in line here and she looked around trying to find Ella, make sure she was okay. Once she found her, she raised her hand trying to get every one's attention and yelled to the whole room, "Ella Perkins is my best friend." She then, without any hesitation, left her prime spot in line and went to the very end of the line to stand with her very best friend." I think I lost my breath in disbelief watching the whole thing transpire twenty feet away. My heart was filled with such love and I was one proud momma.
 Wands for each princess...
 Addie had five cups of tea!
 Cupcake decorating was a hit!
 Thanks Megan for taking picture duty on this one. Good news... I finally found my camera two days later!!! ;)
 Singing happy birthday to the birthday girl.
 Finally, it was time for the princess pinata, a perfect ending to a perfect afternoon!
Happy birthday Laney and thank you for including us in your special day!

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