Thursday, September 22, 2011

Addie's Modeling Days Are Over...

Addie's super model days are going to be limited to this.

The last 6 weeks have been rough on her face. It started then visiting my dad's one Sunday night. My dad had the two kids outside and he was pushing Carter on the tire swing. Addie was busy playing with his two dogs, of course. Blake and I were just inside saying hello to Nancy and Danielle, when we looked outside and saw blood COVERING our daughter's face.

Probably the single scariest thirty seconds of my life up till this point.

After attempting to stop the blood and trying to get our hysterical daughter to settle down a little, we discovered that the dogs, who are not used to little children being around, had been playing with a ball and Addie just dove in the middle to get it from them. They scratched her several times, a couple of them being pretty deep. Addie is used to Maverick and Smokey, who would have backed away instantly, instead Beau and Wolfie kept the rough play up and thought she was joining in. I am not blaming these dogs, as they are dogs playing and it was in no way their fault.  It was a wake up call to us that Addie's fearlessness and passion for dogs is something that we can't ever take for granted.

We rushed that night to the urgent care, after the recommendation of our insurance's dial-a-nurse. There, the doctor felt like they were shallow enough to let them heel on their own and we started a Z-pak, just in case, to fight off any infection. From before we left my dad's, roughly twenty minutes after it all occurred, Addie was begging us to stay while running around playing hide and seek with Danielle and Erin.

Fast forward six weeks to weekend before last and the same scary sight while at Carter's first soccer game. Addie had picked up a large rock and tried to throw it over the eight foot chain length fence, to have it bounce off that fence and hit her square in the forehead and again, for the second time, I saw blood completely COVERING my sweet daughter's face. It was even in her mouth, leaving me to think it had hit there as well. 

She settled down in about ten minutes and begged us not to go back to the doctor and have to get "stitches." Where she learned this word, we don't know. Perhaps when Smokey recently had his little surgery and she was pretending to be his nurse, checking his stitches? 

Anyhow, we took her home, gave her a bath and decided we would listen to our daughter's request and therefore more than likely end her non-existent modeling career and instead of rushing her to the ER, Blake rushed to Walgreen's and cleaned out the shelves of every brand of Liquid Band aid and style of of butterfly adhesive bandages. For two nights, we made it a family affair to clean out and reseal the gash and Addie got to cover the thickly applied glue covered in butterfly stitches with her favorite princess band aid each night.
Our patient and notice the doctor is wearing baseball gloves to keep the germs away.
So now, THREE times a day, we are applying Neosporin and my new find - Bio Oil. It promises to take care of any scaring and had better reviews than Mederma. Only time will tell if she will be a spokes person for Bio Oil.
Just nine days later, it is healing quite nicely. It's crazy how a relatively small cut like that on the head can bleed so profusely and so quickly.

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