Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Is Here!

Each year, just before Easter, I look forward to taking the kids outdoors for some pictures of just the two of them. The amazing weather signals summer is on its way and also, for some odd reason, a reminder to reflect on their growth over the last year. For some reason as I look back this time, it still amazes me how fast they continue to grow and change each year. My concuIsion is that I could not be a prouder mommy of these 2 great kids and I look forward to even more adventures we have together in the next 365 days.
A look back : Spring Pics 2010 and Spring Pics 2009
We took lots of time for "dance breaks!"


The Nash Family said...

Have you taken some photography classes lately? Your pictures keep getting more amazing by the day.......priceless

Alison Madrid said...

These are amazing! I am definitely going to have you give me a few lessons.

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