Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sandfest 2011 Port A

Can't resist one more "flash-back" from last summer on the very same dock near Woody's.
Lolli and Addie at Sandfest checking out all the masterpieces. Addie kept counting all the "Princess Castles" that she saw.
Walking down the beach we even randomly ran into Drew Boerckel.
One of the main reasons we made the last minute trip to Port A was to celebrate my dad's 65th birthday. In 3 days, this was the only picture I could snap of him. Happy Birthday Dad!

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alicia/brandon said...

We were there the same weekend!' at port royal. Wish id known y'all were there :-) we waited in line for awhile to go sandfest but ended up turning around to go back and play! Inwas surprised how busy it was! We haven't been down there in awhile.

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