Monday, April 25, 2011

Magic Kingdom - Cinderella's Royal Table (THE HIGHLIGHT!)

 The 3 official "Princess Protection Agents" did a beautiful job escorting the Princesses into the castle on time. 
 Upon entrance to the castle and before going upstairs, Cinderella officially welcomed our large group and we got professional pictures with her (that should be here any day.) We went upstairs into the small and intimate restaurant and within 5 minutes, Sleeping Beauty was at our table talking to the kids and signing autographs.
 Addie WAS SO EXCITED when she saw the real Ariel that she could hardly contain herself. She kept trying to go up and talk to her while she was visiting with Macy and Marshall and I kept asking her to wait and come back to her seat. I guess it was so obvious to Ariel because when it was finally Addie's turn, she kneeled down and grabbed Addie for the biggest hug you could imagine.... (This was definitely one of my two favorite memories of the morning!)
 All the Princesses LOVED Carter's shirt!
 Then it was time for their very FAVORITE Princess - Belle. Suddenly, out of the blue, Addie started showing her her "bling bling" shoes.
 Our other great memory of Addie that morning was her very first and only question to Belle... "Where is the Beast????" Belle's quick and simple reply that sufficed Addie was. "He is at home brushing his fur."
 Loved all their smiles...
What made this character experience so special was so many things, the absolutely perfect location, was one factor. What could be better than Cinderella's real castle?!?! The fact of  how small and intimate the restaurant was limited the number of tables to only about 25 and you can watch all 4 princesses moving around the room the entire time. The final reason we loved this, was the one-on-one time our kids got with all the Princesses. They were able to interact with them, talk and ask any questions they had. We loved every second of this breakfast and walked out with the biggest smiles and most amazing memories ever.

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alicia/brandon said...

so awesome!! how fun!! you guys really had an incrdible trip!!!!

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