Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's Been A While!

Megan and the kids came over Friday night for dinner. Mike is in the worst part of tax season and we have only seen rare sightings of him in the last couple of months... kinda like "Big Foot!" We know they are all ready to be back to the non-tax season norm but in the mean time, we loved spending the evening with the 3 of them. We had lots of fun on the Bounce House and in the baby pool...
This was the first time that Carter was finally able to interact and "play" with Easton!  They had a blast playing with the Roomba and chasing each other around, both crawling and walking. Carter even tried to carry Easton a couple of times. I see a bright future for these 2 over the next couple of years.
 It was bath time!
 They practiced their bubble blowing!
 Then it was book reading and cuddle time...
Finally, Blake carried Ella to the car, ending a near perfect Friday night evening. Next time, we just need Mike! 

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