Sunday, April 24, 2011

Erin Is Engaged!

My sister Erin and her boyfriend Matt spent Easter weekend at the lake with all us. On Saturday afternoon, after I thought they were going into town to HEB to grab some groceries, they surprised us by coming back engaged! No, he did not do it over the loud intercom at the Kingsland HEB.
After nearly 5 years of dating, Matt popped the question at Longhorn Cavern State Park. Blake, the kids and dogs and I were on our way back to the house in the Gator and saw Erin and Matt walking across the street to the house. As we waved and passed them, I noticed Erin nonchaunantley lift up her hand that she was carrying several HEB bags with, showing off a NEW gorgeous ROCK attached to her left ring finger!
I screamed while telling her to stop and freeze, until I could get my camera. Everyone was inside and chaos quickly ensued, followed by lot of champagne and celebration.
But let's rewind about 30 minutes prior to this popping of the champagne bottles. Let's start with when I found my camera, yelled for everyone to come outside and started taking pictures of Erin and her hand.... did you notice something?
Look how swollen her finger was. She had shoved a size 7 ring on a 9.5 finger. I can't blame her, I would have done the same exact thing in the excitement of getting engaged! They had already tried elevating it and had stopped for ice to soak it in efforts of removing the new ring. Nothing had worked...
Our mom thought she confidently had the answer in the form of Windex. She said it worked 100% of the time when she was dealing with all her jewelry incidents like this at work.
When the BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING attempt had failed, I confidently knew how to get it off with a generous helping of OLIVE OIL. What could be better to slip that puppy right off?!? Boy was I wrong, I was beginning to think there was NO WAY this ring was coming off!
But the surgeon and doctor of the family thought swiftly and before her finger could loose any more circulation and blood flow, we were in the middle of major surgery!
So once the beautiful ring was back safely in the box, that is when we started the true celebration (see pictures 7-10 above!)
This was my favorite picture of the afternoon.
Congrats to the future Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Erin Tally. Man, they know how to make an engagement memorable! They haven't released any details of wedding plans. When I asked the groom minutes after the gorgeous diamond ring had been cut down the middle, his answer was an appropriate, "First, I need to get a ring that fits before we tackle those kind of details."

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