Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 5 - Magic Kingdom (Day 2)

This was our 2nd day at Magic Kingdom and left the hotel on 7:30 bus and arrived exactly at 8AM and were lucky that it happened to be the Early Mickey Hour.
We took group pictures thru the early morning fog with the castle behind us and headed straight back to Tomorrowland and the INDY RACE CARS. The cars had a 20 minute wait alrady and although us "adults" thought is was pretty boring, Addie LOVED it!
We then went straight to the famous Tea Cups and they had no wait. Addie, YaYa and I had a blast in the same cup and it was the ride I remembered the most from when I was there at 10 years old! I regret not riding it again.
Then our entire group went to the HUGE ORBITOR ride and had fun together from the highest point in the park.
 This is a funny one of mom and Erin cramming into one!
At 9:25AM, Blake ran to get Jungle Fast Passes and it was time to head to the trip's highlight event, our Breakfast at Cinderella's Magic Table... (see upcoming post.)
After breakfast, around 11:20, we quickly met the Fairy Godmother and Grandpa, Marshall and Carter were asked to go to the main Disney photo office to be photographed wearing their PRINCESS PROTECTION AGENCY shirts Julie had made. They wanted them to be on the MAGIC and ME Night time Castle Slideshow with the big Fireworks that night!
On our way to the Jungle Cruise, the super fun Dancing Street Parade was going on and we stopped to dance. I have to say, any parade or show at Disney World is worth fitting it into your schedule!
 The classic Jungle Cruise.
Carter and Blake got to go ride Big Thunder Moutain again today and Addie, YaYa and I hung out in the shade and ate a quick snack.

We rode the Magic Kingdom train all around the park to the front before heading back to where we started in the early morning - Tomorrowland and watching Monsters INC. Laugh Floor Comedy Show. It was really cute and Addie passed out in the cool air conditioning on Blake's lap.

We headed out of Magic Kingdom for the very last time around 2PM, confident that we had done everything we really wanted to in our 2 days at this park. I know, as the kids get older, that they will want to spend less time here in this Magical Park and more time at Universal and Hollywood, so it was important that we spent even more time here this trip while they were at the perfect age.

Our Favorite Memories:

  • Grandpa, Carter and Marshall being asked to come to the main studio to have their picture taken wearing their PPA - Princess Protection Agency shirts, for big night time castle slideshow with the fireworks.
  • Carter and Blake got to stay an extra 2 hours in the afternoon alone while we took Addie home to rest. Blake remembers the sheer amount of questions Carter had for Blake on everything he saw.
  • How excited Carter was, after waiting the entire trip, to find the perfect Disney Souvinir and deciding on a real Buzz Light Year figurine, like in the movie.
  • My favorite was the Tea-Cup Ride with Addie and YaYa. I loved the feeling and I definttely felt the most like a kid again on that ride!
  • Random strangers coming up to Marshall and Carter asking to take pictures of their PPA black t-shrits.
  • Addie shaking her "tail-feather" at the Main Street Day Parade with Jessy and Buzz! She LOVED the parade. Carter did to but not to dance, he just wanted to go up to all the characters and wave at them! He is defineltey NOT the dancer in the family as is sister takes that prize. :) See the upcoming post!
For Our Next Trip:
  • Make reservations for character meal at lunch or dinner. Example: Cinderella's Royal table around 1 or later, so not to burn previous cooler and much less busy time in the parks.
  • Another good character meal I read about later was Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Hotel for the next trip. Another I idea I read after our trip was doing the character meal on first evening after arrival or departure day breakfast or on "rest day."

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Jessica Tondre said...

That picture of Addie and Blake kissing is so precious! Framer for sure! Your tips are the best!

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