Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 4: "Rest" Day

On the 4th day of our 8 day trip, we scheduled a "rest day," and just got to spend the entire afternoon as a family with NO DISTRACTIONS! 8 days is by far the LONGEST the 4 of us have gone without the touch of a computer and we made the most of it. Carter is definitely one of the most ticklish humans I have ever met and he genuinely LOVES to be tickled. He literally begs us to to tickle him!
We spent the entire afternoon and evening in the pool splashing around.
One of their Disney souvenirs was their very first game of special edition "Candy Land" and we got to spend lots of time playing it together!

After a long afternoon in the sun, we came home and started the process of getting ready for our BIG Princess Breakfast the next morning. Hot pink glitter nail polish for both the fingers and toes was the first thing item on the list...

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