Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 3 Afternoon at Hollywood Studios & FANTASMIC

After a few hours rest after a buy morning at Epcot, we loaded up on a 5:30 bus Tuesday afternoon with fresh sandwiches in hand. Addie took in all of Hollywood Boulevard once we arrived!
While Carter got a Mickey Ice Cream with Grandpa, Addie got tons of kisses from Toy Story 3's Hug-A-Lot Bear!
We explored the Snow White Animation History with YaYa.
At 6:45 we got in the massive line for the 8:30 Fantasmic Show... the line was crazy. Blake, the kids and I almost turned around and said no way since this was the 1 show I really hadn't taken the time to read about. But just then the line started moving forward and we slowly filed into the 10,000 person outdoor amphitheater. Addie had fun entertaining dozens of people around us waiting by singing some of her favorite songs!
The 13 of us patiently waited for almost 2 hours and I truly was amazed at how well behaved all 4 of the kids were. Thank goodness for Magic Ink books and cotton candy!
We were so thankful we didn't leave. Although I had NO IDEA what the FANTASMIC show was, it was hands down one of the neatest shows at all of Disney. It was a copulation of every Disney movie complete with pyro-technics, lights and a constant stream of water where they displayed parts of the famous Disney movies directly onto the "water screen." 
 This was all put to music and complete with every single DISNEY PRINCESS live dancing on boats with their individual princes. Addie was in heaven and I was able to catch on video her "play-by-play" of everything happening in front of her.
After it was over, we had just missed the 9PM bus home so everyone was in a great mood and we headed for VOYAGE of the LITTLE MERMAID and it was so worth it. It actually rained (very fine mist) on us as part of the show and I was honored to sit my Macy during it and watch the 7 year old swoon over Prince Eric when she swept Ariel away and gave her a kiss.
Carter had no nap today nor yesterday and was perfectly behaved. Addie had any rough moments and has it down to come and tell us when she is tired rather than have a melt-down. She is getting really good at telling us! With only a 50 minute stroller nap, she was a rock star until 10:30 when she crashed.

  • Ya Ya saying, "Look Addie, it's the 7 dwarfs!" And Addie saying, "No! It's the Hi-Ho's Ya Ya!" (This is what she calls the dwarfs since the first time she saw the movie, Snow White!)
  • We kept saying repeatedly that Carter is at a PERFECT age for Disney, where he can go all day and all night and still thinks everything is 100% REAL!
  • During the FANTASMIC SHOW, Addie getting in an argument with the little 2-year old boy in front of us after she yelled out, "Captain Hook is NICE!" The little boy didn't agree.
  • Her face when ALL the PRINCESSES and PRINCES, including Beauty and The Beast, were together on the BIG boat during the FANTASMIC SHOW.
  • Carter and Addie's very FIRST SIP of Diet Coke (EVER) and the bus load of strangers that think I am the worst mom when I was begging Carter to take a sip (in hopes of lasting a little later into the evening!) He had tears coming down his cheek because he didn't want to drink it because we had always told him it was an "adult only beverage!" ;) So funny and memorable! (HEY... it worked! :))

5:30 bus there after rest time at hotel and full morning at Epcot.
At arrival, it was still incredibly packed and the 2 biggest rides - Rock and Roll Roller Coaster and Buzz Light Year Fast Passes were sold out!
We initially tried to get into the the Little Mermaid Ariel Show but it had a 45 minute wait so opted instead to meet Toy Story 3's Hug-A-Lot pink bear. Addie was extremely outgoing with the large pink character, even without her brother or cousins to lead the way.
Explored Animation and character building
Got in line at 6:45 for FANTASMIC show that started at 8:30
9:05 - went to Voyage Of The Little Mermaid and walked around some afterwards.
10PM - on bus home!

  • As kids get older, we will spend more time here for sure and wished we had a full day here.
  • Next time, book "Fantasmic Dinner Package," which is mid day off time late lunch/early dinner with the benefit of guaranteed seats at show.
  • Beauty and The Beast Show
  • Stunt Show
  • Jedai Training Academy
  • 3PM PIXAR Street Parade 

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