Monday, April 11, 2011

Carter's 2nd Season of Soccer!

Wow! What a difference a year makes!
 We can't say enough about the coach's we have and the level of parent involvement on our field each practice and game. It is typical to see between 6-9 dads on the field  helping out and making sure everyone is paying attention.
 Carter and Cash getting some last minute coaching from Coach Allen.
 Last weekend, we were lucky to have Aunt Erin, Matt and MeMe in town to witness the amazing game Carter had.
It was time for Carter to show us all what he could do...
 We are playing with the same group of boys from school that we had playing basketball with us over the winter and added about 5 more from his same class. We have nearly every single class-mate on the team and it has made for a phenomenal way to get to know each and every parent in Carter's class. We are spending not only game Saturdays together but Tuesday afternoon practices as well!
The highlight after each game... the "parent tunnel" and SNACKS!!

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