Friday, March 25, 2011

Traveling To The Happiest Place On Earth.

At 6:15 Saturday morning we were loaded up and had time to pull our very last loop off our countdown chain Aunt Julie had made us. The big day was finally here!
 Uncle Mike picked us up and took us to the airport. He even made a special stop on the way...
 Thank you, Mike, for helping make the start of our our big vacation truly as smooth as possible. 
 Addie and Carter did a great job waiting in the LONG Spring Break airport lines.
 Once we made it through security, we found the other 11 waiting for us so we watched the airplanes come in and out.
 Their were definitely some BIG SMILES in the boarding line from everyone.

I loved how Marshall and Carter's bags looked in the over head bins.
 The greeting at baggage claim...
 Priceless picture: The boys when they first saw the MAIN DISNEY WORLD entrance. Good thing you weren't IN THE CAR to hear it! ;)

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