Monday, April 25, 2011

Pool and Pizza!

After Animal Kingdom and a nap, we headed to the pool for the first time all year. I was so excited when both kids regained all of their swimming progress made from last year after just 30 minutes! Carter was diving to the bottom of the 4 foot area picking up the rock we had turned into a pool toy!
One of my Top 5 memories of the trip was this evening when all 15 of us ended up at the pool for dinner. We ordered some really good pizza from one of the hotel's restaurants and just had fun outside!
It was Bachelor Season Finale Monday night, so we hurried and got the kids to sleep in one room and we watched the dramatic finale all together.
The picture below is a great memory. Both the men were in DEEP disagreement about the outcome of Brad's decision and we had fun laughing about it.
We officially LOVE traveling with the Metcalfs!

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