Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 6 - Animal Kingdom With All 15 Of Us!

This last day in Disney Parks was at Animal Kingdom. This second trip for us was much more unplanned and at ease since we had just been here 4 days ago. We took it all in, did everything that we LOVED from the first day again and tried a few new things like the Everest Roller Coaster. This was the first big roller coaster I had been on in 10 years since the Rattler and  because of the 90 minute line avoided by the use of our Fast Pass, I didn't have time to second guess my decision to ride it until I was already belted in! I am glad I did as I had a great time and was ready to go again at the end.
We got to see even more animals on this morning... it is amazing to see them so close.
Addie got to ride the Kali Water Rapids 2 more times this day and is posing here, so proud of how wet she got on the ride!
A select group of us headed to...
While the young adults were on Expedition Everest, Grandpa and YaYa took the kids on the Jungle Trek.
In "Africa" you could stop and beat the drums.
While everyone else did A Bugs Life (C  & A were a little young for the creepiness factor of it) we more closely explored the details of the carvings of the Tree of Life. More than 250 animals make up the trunk and branches. We had a great game of "I Spy" going.
The Nemo Musical was INCREDIBLE and definitely a not to be missed event!
Our final group photograph in front of the the amazing Tree of Life...
Late that Friday afternoon, it was time to wave one last goodbye to Disney World. After 6 full days and a travel day on either side, I thought we would be more than ready to head home but I have to say, I was a little sad and not quite ready to leave. I felt like we only got to see about 60% of what Disney has to offer (and that was with our super schedule & planning!)
We'll be back before you know it!

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