Monday, April 25, 2011

Beauty Sleep.

Several people said Addie would just take naps in her stroller everyday. I kinda brushed them off and thought, "No way... I will have her nap in her bed mid day each afternoon."
Boy was I wrong! We would keep going strong until 1:30 or 2 each afternoon and then she would suddenly be out. Each day, we would make our way to the front of the park, hop on the monorail or bus to the hotel (leisurely, which would take 45 or more minutes) and the second we would silently lay her down in her bed, she would shoot up, wide awake, ready to go on with her day! She got real good with her 55 minutes of BEAUTY REST each day!

Addie wasn't the only person sneaking in naps. Grandpa and Carter got busted as well.  Although, It took until the 7th day for Carter to take a nap somewhere other than his bed.

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