Monday, April 25, 2011

Anniversary Dinner at T-REX At Downtown Disney.

 March 12, besides being the start to our family's BIGGEST vacation ever, Blake and I were celebrating 6 years of marriage. It was very appropriate to spend it with all 11 people (minus Carter and Addie of course) who were at our wedding INCLUDING the man that married us.
 Nothing romantic this year, after we checked in to the hotel and made a grocery store run for breakfast, snacks and cold beverages, we headed to Downtown Disney's finest - Rainforest Cafe's sister restaurant, T-REX. The food was much better than I ever remember any Rainforest, in fact, all 15 of our meals were delicious and there was SO MUCH to look at...
Seriously.... so much in every room. It was like an attraction in itself!
 If you had asked me just 8 short years ago if I would be on a huge family vacation with the most amazing husband and 2 fantastic kids with my family, celebrating this day, I would have said, "Yea... right, in my dreams!"

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