Saturday, February 26, 2011

Deep Thoughts With Carter Brown

Over the last 3 weeks, Carter's little brain has taken a another huge leap forward. He wants to "discuss his day," each night before going to bed. He reflects on his day, walks through the day step by step and asks some very interesting questions. One night, these were just a couple I over heard...

What happens if you never ever ever sleep?
Dad, I really want it to snow again like it did the day.
If you fall in a frozen lake, will you get frozen?

There are 2 reasons I adore the picture above.  First, you can see on Carter's face how seriously he is listening to Blake's profound answers. Secondly, Blake's massive black circles under his eyes remind me of last week when this picture was snapped and how Blake had landed at 7:40 PM, after 2 incredibly long days traveling, as he does every week. He had raced home, dropped everything and gave 100% of his energy to Carter. Incredible.

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