Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Turning FOUR HURTS!!!!

4 Year Old Stats:
WEIGHT: 38 pounds (with clothes on, no shoes)
HEIGHT: 40 inches
He passed his first vision test with flying colors! I pray he has his daddy's vision and not his mom's.
His blood pressure was perfect (probably because we hadn't told him about the 6 SHOTS he had to get.) We got to make it 5 by opting for the inhaled flu shot this year. 
 He had a FULL INTERVIEW with Dr. McCray. She asked him all kinds of questions like what is his mommy and daddy's name and where he lived. He gets SO SHY when he is asked questions like this but answered each question perfectly every time. I was a little nervous when Dr. McCray asked him to name his favorite few fruits and vegetables but FRUIT SNACKS were no where on his list. He answered green beans, peas and carrots. Whew!!! ;)
 A few weeks ago when Carter had come down with Strep throat, the Dr. had found that his right ear tube that had been put in exactly 3 years prior had dislodged and instead of falling out (as expected) had fallen back behind the ear drum into the middle ear canal. This is a very rare event, but this past Monday morning, Carter had the procedure to get it removed and came out from anesthesia like a rock star. Less than 40 minutes from waking up, he was inhaling 4 chicken biscuits from Chick-Fe-Le and asking to play on the playground.
The 5 shots were SLIGHTLY traumatic which left him walking like an old man for the first 2 days.  He would remind me, when I would tell him to hurry and get out of the car, "Mom, hold on, I'm moving a little slower, my legs really hurt." Although he insisted on not taking the band aids off for 3 days, he was playing in his first YMCA basketball game of the year less than 24 hours later. We are so proud of our little man.

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