Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is Addie Afraid Of ANYTHING?!?!

Previously, I have talked about the the goals I set even before Addie was born. I have promised myself, as a mother of a daughter,  I want to raise my daughter to be a strong, confident leader. I like to think we do things everyday to reinforce this but I have a feeling this has more to with what God had planned for her. 
We recently went to a really cool 2nd birthday party of our friend Leighton. They brought in super unique and fascinating animals for the kids to see, hold and touch. I knew Addie would have not problem with the super soft and gentle Alpaca. They bonded quickly.
She was the first to jump up and go play with the Wallaby named Taz when he hopped over.
I was a little more hesitant with the Kinkajou thinking that she would just want to pet him however within 20 seconds he some how was in her arms giving her kisses.
I thought she would surely flip when he went for her curls, probably thinking it was a super soft nest, but she just giggled!
Unexpectantly, a Porcupine appeared and I was sure just by the shear uniqueness and "spikiness" she would just stand back and watch it move around...
... but yet again, I was wrong and this future Veterinarian was the first to go and pet it.
Now, by the time this Boa came out, I knew there would be no stopping her and to no surprise, there she was (my 2  year old) petting a SNAKE!
What a wonderful party Leighton! Your mommy did a fantastic job. One of my favorite things was this amazing Alligator cake Kendall hand-made.
Just for clarification, Carter did also attend this party (you can see him in the background of the first picture) however he was FAR away from the animals most of the time and opted to jump on the most incredible trampolene in the backyard. ;)

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