Sunday, January 9, 2011

Catching Their VERY FIRST Fish!

This is the story of the FRIGHTENED and the FEARLESS. Care to guess who is who?
She wanted to see how far she could shove her finger in the mouth before deciding she needed to hold it and carry it around.
She was "hooked" after that cool experience.
Just a second later, Carter got his first bite!
This was one of my favorites...
Carter posing so proudly. About 2.5 seconds after this picture was taken, the fish wiggled and Carter dropped it and screamed as loud as he could running away and not looking back. He left it to his sister to get back into the water.
Then it was Blake's turn...
He got a much uglier catfish, which didn't phase Addie. Carter was on the verge of crying here when we asked him if he wanted to touch it.
These next 2 pictures about sum up my children's personalities to a tee. I asked them 30 minutes later, "How big was the fish you caught?" ;)

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