Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: The Before AND After Pictures!

I know what you're probably saying.... "Finally!!" Here they are. Part of the reason I haven't posted is it still isn't 100% complete... but will it truly ever be?!? So here you have it and we couldn't be happier or more satisfied!
** To see the entire process click on the hyper line "kitchen remodel" at the end of this post**

The before view from when you walk in the front door:
And my most favorite after view when you walk in the front door:
Before from the stairwell:
After from the stairwell:
View of one side of entry before and after:
View of other angle of entry (Where piano was):
After: The piano is now upstairs and I am going to take my time finding the best look for the entry, right now, we are just enjoying the extra space.
Dining room view before:
Dining room after: (Shutters will soon frame out these three windows and eventually we will find a cool chandelier we love to hang above the table.) Notice the ceiling was dropped to be even with the rest of the space.
View from master bed room doorway before:
And same view after:
The old breakfast nook before:
The new sitting nook: (One of my favorite new aspects.) My $100 new Craigslist chair will soon be re-covered in fabulous new fabric. Shutters will be installed for the nine remaining windows in the area in the next few weeks.
View from the living room (back to TV) before:
The same view after:
A few more of my favorite views:
In the distance is the canvas painting the four of us made the week before Christmas.
Our new pantry... two floor to ceiling sets of these... so far I love it more because I can finally see everything that was in my pantry.
The appliance garage below, was another of one of my must haves items. I love how all items are plugged in and ready to be used but in two seconds can be closed up.
This is another part of my very favorite items incorporated in our new area... my gallery wall, where I can easily display the photographs I take. Two more items, we are beyond thrilled that we choose is the beverage refrigerator. Initially, we had purchased a 60 bottle wine refrigerator and last minute came to our senses that we aren't the type of family that would ever have more than a dozen bottles just sitting there. So we found a refrigerator that holds thirty bottles and has two shelves for cans, which fits our lifestyle perfectly. The other splurge was an ice maker. Everyone we talked to that had one couldn't live without now and we knew it would make MeMe Diane very happy, as she is a ice fanatic.
With the new warm grays on the walls, it makes our three year old couch feel new and really pop. Again, I can't wait for the shutters in this space. 

So what's still to do:
1) Get shutters installed for all windows in the space
2) Cover the sitting area chair
3)  Paint the red Pottery Barn buffet that used to be in dining room (see picture 9 of the before dining room) a dark Teal and place under wall mounted TV in living room.
4) Find amazing mirror for entry
5) Fill the glass cabinets with neat items (over time)
6) The hidden slide out cutting board still needs to be mounted over the trash can
7) Find the coolest chandelier above the dining room table


Lisa Johnson said...

So beautiful!! CONGRATULATIONS! :)

Amanda said...

WOW! Gorgeous!!!!!!

The Perkins Family said...

Pictures look great! Love it love it!!!

alicia/brandon said...

I have fallen so far behind on my blog and haven't visited anyone else's recently but logged on tonight and just saw your kitchen remodel! WOW!!! Absolutely gorgeous megan!! Love it!!

Mrs. Martinez said...

What is your wall color? I love it!

The Brown Family said...

The wall colors were a variety of Sherwin Williams warm grays, all in the same color family.

Sandy M said...

HI- just found your blog and love what you did to your kitchen. Is that a beverage drawer at the end of the island? We just started planning our kitchen renovation and I was debating on whether or not to add an undercounter refrigeration drawer for drinks.


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Kate Welling said...

Congratulations on your beautiful home! You have sold me on a pull out pantry and hidden appliance cabinet. I can't stand looking at my pantry for too long and apparently neither can my kids. I think a pool out pantry would be so convenient! Thanks for sharing.

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Smith Rolline said...

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