Saturday, January 8, 2011

12 Days Of Christmas Break!

Blake and I were both home with the kids for nearly 2 weeks over Christmas and New Years! We had no major plans but just decided to enjoy the relaxed time together and do things that we don't normally get to do. The kids were really great all week which allowed us to do go to a ton of new places! It was a great time to use several GROUPONS we had. As part of the "RELAXED WEEK," I decided NO BIG CAMERAS allowed, only ones from an Android or  Blackberry!)  :)
Day 12: A Pre Christmas Trip To Julian Gold
Day 11 - We got to feed the swans with our cousins!
Day 10 - We got to play outside in the rain!

9 We got to check out Funtastic Playland!
8. A trip to to Kiddie Park was on our agenda!
Day 7 - A trip to the dentist!
This was an important first trip to watch Carter and get her excited for her first official visit in 6 months! She loved Dr. Bob.
Day 6 - We got to go on our first trip to the Witte Museum!
Day 5 - Went got to go to Aunt Danielle's basketball game

Day 4 - We took a Jeep ride in December

Day 3 - We BOTH caught our very 1st fish

Day 2 - We went to Marble Falls to looks at Christmas lights!
Day 1 - We did fireworks to Welcome 2011!

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