Sunday, October 31, 2010

Carving "A" Pumpkin!

We decided not to get in over our heads and just do one official pumpkin carving this year! I found this Disney Princess stencil set for 0.50 cents last year after Halloween so we brought it out! There were 3 steps just to get started carving. Carter helped daddy with the initial stencil, ensuring he had his placement just right.
As the time went on, the toddlers got a little bored and slightly mischievous (by looking at their faces below) and decided to explore a little.
We were laughing hysterically when without knowing, Addie went inside, got the silver already cut out Jack-O-Lantern from the coffee table, brought it outside and said, "Look daddy, mine is already cut," as she tried to put the real pumpkin lid on top. Too funny.
Addie couldn't stop smiling when she saw it at night all lit up.
Good job dad... your hard work and diligence paid off and the Cinderella castle looks perfect!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Carter's Best Friend's Birthday Party!

Best friends dress alike right?!?!? Carter on the left and Cash on the right at his big 4th birthday party at BIGZ on the most perfect day! It was SO MUCH fun!!!!
Getting ready to cut the cake!
Take a look at this incredible cake...
The next four pictures are awesome. Carter and his 4  year old friends  are officially MY FAVORITE age to photograph as of today. Can you tell what 4 year old's are in to?
There were 5 Spidermans that we had to tell apart solely by their shoes.
What was in the water to get these amazing smiling, looking in the camera pictures today?!??! I like it! Ava and Carter.
Terri put a lot of time and effort into making this party so much fun and it went off with out a hitch! The costume party was a perfect Halloween birthday weekend event!
Happy 4th Birthday Cash!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


They loaded up on their tricycles and were off to the Neighborhood Cul-de-Sac Party!
It didn't take long to find the sweets! That was dinner that night I belive.
We pulled last year's costume out for Addie which fit her perfectly and Carter opted for Cousin Marshall's Transformer costume.

I told Addie this is the only time she is allowed to be a big "bow head," as she gave me a BIG cheerleader SMILE!
The kids broke up by age group for a costume contest. Our good friend Amelia won it this year for 3 and under! ;)
Our super sweet friend Barrett or rather IRON MAN!!!!
My definition of Super Mom - Diane! Look closely!!! 3 KIDS AND a WAGON FULL OF ADULT BEVERAGES she is pulling closely behind! She has it down to a fine science.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Forget "Spring" Cleaning....

I'll take fall cleaning any day!!!! (especially when it's my husband's idea!) After work Friday, he came home and decided to build a shelf in our garage and threw it down in about an hour and a half before dinner. (I do rent him out for $100 bucks an hour.) ;)
There are only a handful of reasons we would even think about moving houses in the future and one of the TOP 5 is wanting a 3 car garage (for storage not a 3rd car). Since that is a ridiculous reason to move out of the a house and neighborhood we love so much, we decided to remedy it ourselves! This was our improptu Friday/Saturday project together. I was THRILLED beyond words because I reclaimed my guest bedroom that had been filled with 2 TRICYCLES, a HUGE RED WAGON, a SCOOTER and BICYCLE! MEME... your bedroom is a bedroom again when you get here this weekend!

So this other project all started a few weeks ago when we finally broke down and bought a professional grade bush whacker. Blake had borrowed a nice new regular one and felt afterwards that he was about to burn it out with the amount and thickness of bushes we have now. So with some award prize money I had won through some work contests, we purchased Blake's dream bush whacker. OMG... I didn't see my husband for the week after he got it. Every time we had a moment of down time (ie. the kids were napping on the weekend or right after they had gone to bed in the evenings,) he was outside shaping the bushes.... it got to be pretty comical.
Great job honey!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Impromptu Night Are ALWAYS the best!

On Friday morning, I threw out the invitation to everyone for a casual Chicken Spaghetti Night dinner and it couldn't have worked out more perfectly! Getting a picture of Lolli & Pops, Aunt Danielle and the kids all looking and smiling has never happened so I couldn't have been happier when the cherry on top when Mema & Erin said they were up for dinner with us too!
Danielle recently committed to play basketball next year at Tulane University and this was the first time we had seen her to begin the BIG celebration! I even brought out all my 7th and 8th grade Garner Middle School Yearling basketball pictures to show her where she got all her mad skill! ;)
This by far is my very favorite picture of Aunt Erin and the kids EVER!!!!
The Bounce House has been in full mode this weekend and several times the kids played independently together for 30+ minutes. Whoo hoo!!
Such a rare picture! Just LOVE it!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'd Like To Introduce To You...

Miss Minnie Mouse and Spiderman!
My idea of coordinating outfits died when my idea of a family Batman Character Halloween diminished when Carter tried on Spiderman last August (yes I said August) and he looked SOOOOO CUTE! Batgirl just didn't do Addie justice so she choose her VERY FAVORITE show - Mickey Mouse Club House's Minnie Mouse!
Carter had a blast picking out our pumpkins, our annual tradition we had been waiting patiently for this weekend.
Addie was confident in her pumpkin choice.
Easton (6 mo), Ella & Addie (both almost 2.5 yrs) and Carter (almost 4)
The San Antonio Express newspaper was on my left taking this shot for the paper... hopefully we will know if it gets printed... keep your eyes out!
So even though Catwoman, Bat Girl, Batman and The Joker didn't get to make a family experience, I think this Halloween season is going to be a blast. The kids have FOUR more opportunites to wear their costumes in the next week!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Typical Day For Marcie...

Addie has done nothing but increase her focus and attention on Marcie as the weeks go by. Recently I snapped a few candid pictures of the interesting life of Marcie Brown... She does wake up every morning and must use the potty just as Addie does.
After school, she and her friends usually get to go to the playground curtesy of Carter.
After bath time, Addie gets to have her one-on-one special attention with all of her 5 babies and will play indepently in her room for 30-45 minutes or until her big brother busts in.
After she got them covered up she sang them lullabys.
She was so focused on taking care of them that she seriously had no clue I was laying on her bed.
This is also a typical scene for Marcie. I walked by yesterday to see Spiderman giving her a "tune-up" with a drill.
I asked Marcie what he favorite time of the day was and she said, "Lounging while the kids are at school for sure!"
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