Sunday, February 28, 2010

What Did You Say Addie?

We just love this little girl and are noticing how she is in this ambivalent transistion from "baby" to "little girl," right now. We are trying to soak in all these amazing memories before they are gone...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

8 Weeks And A Successful 1st Season Later....

The night before his very first basketball game, sleeping with his new game jersey...
After his very last game, wanting to sleep with his medal...
Our amazing fans the last game this year - My Dad (Pops,) Nancy (Lolli,) Aunt Danielle, Sean, Julie, Macy and Marshall! Thank you for giving Carter the loudest cheering section!
The after party celebration at Two Brothers, where Blake handed out medals to each boy.
Then it was cake time!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Addie's First Trip To Julian Gold

For the ENTIRE 30 years of my life, this store has been like a second home to me.  Many of the same people here remember when I was Addie's age and every single milestone since that point.  My mom has been a buyer for Julian Gold and worked there for well over 35 years and it was such a special moment for the 2 of us to take Addie "shopping" inside for the very first time. She had a total ball!
The jewelry department was a hit and Addie wanted to try on every necklace in sight. She kept choosing the $600 ones... I don't know where does she get that expensive taste?!?
Addie felt very at home in the purse department and even took a few in the dressing room to take a look at in better light.
Then it was time to move upstairs to explore Bridal and Stationary.  It was fun to reminisce that nearly 6 years ago, I was standing on this very same podium trying on and choosing my dream wedding dress.  I wonder if in 25 more years, Addie will be standing on this same spot doing the same?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Cowboy & Cowgirl

It was RODEO DAY at school!
Inside there was a huge "hoe down" going on. Carter and all his friends danced and danced. Before that, they learned all about cowboys and ranches and how to ride horses.
Carter and his wonderful teacher Mrs. Sandy and his good buddy Cash!
And for the third time in less than 2 weeks, Addie had her dream come true with a whole petting zoo set up at school.  She was in heaven.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Annual Couples Night At The Rodeo

Blake and I grabbed our friends and headed out for a "kid-less" night on the town. Ohhh ladies.... look what I found sitting in the exact same seats way back in 2007. I was about 8 weeks post having Carter and... Megan P. is 8-10 weeks away from having one! AND.... can you girls believe there were 3 OTHER babies in between these 2 pictures for a total of 5... WOW.... we 3 have been busy! But at least we have kept up our friendship in the midst of our crazy lives... here's to another great year!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Addie & Animals

I know it is fairly common for little girls to like animals, but this is one area that Addie is at home. It doesn't matter where we are, in the neighborhood on a walk, in the car or at a petting zoo, she goes crazy for them and can't get enough.

Don't worry, Carter had a ball as well with the animals, however, he was a little more hesitant after the aggressive goat pictured below took that cone filled with food in one large swift bite right after this picture was taken!

Some of the family together for our 45 minute trip to the petting zoo.
Macy, Marshall, Addie & Carter on the antique fire truck!

Rodeo - Marshall Mutton Bustin'

The main reason we were there was to support Marshall, as he competed in his first ever Muttn' Bustin' (riding of the sheep!) Marshall did so great and came in second with an incredible score of 81!
The adorable and amazing Metcalf family just after the performance!
Carter posing with Marshall's 2 foot trophy and intensely watching the rest of the rodeo. Carter asked so many questions like, "Why are they tying them up?" and "Why do the cowboys wear numbers on their backs?"
After the rodeo, it was time to hit the fairgrounds....
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