Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Rare Weekend...

... of NOTHING planned! We usually have about 1-2 weekends like this per year and after last weekend and month of October, it couldn't have occurred at a more perfect time. The only thing I had on my agenda was to cook 7 home-made meals and not eat out in a restaurant all weekend. We achieved the goal and it was incredible trying out 4 new recipes including our ultimate new favorite Red Beans and Rice!
We did have an outing church and also to the zoo to use our $30 Groupon for the Zoo Annual Pass. It couldn't have been a more beautiful afternoon and the animals were out soaking in the bright sun shine!
Addie was quickly infatuated with the Hippo and didn't want to leave his side. She patiently waited while he napped under water for a few minutes and then slowly ascend to the top to breath just to close his eyes and fall asleep again.
Now for a little flashback from just 9 MONTHS ago!
A weekend of great family time and good food. The kids were on their very best behavior and now entertain each other for hours at a time making each other laugh and play outside in the back yard chasing the dogs. The firsts sprint to get a hold of Maverick and Smokey's collars, lead them all the way to the dog run and ultimately inside the dog house before the dogs escape and the routine starts all over from the beginning. This seriously entertained them for hours this weekend!!! :)

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