Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick! How Do You Describe Addie at 2 1/2?

That is what I asked her 2 teachers at school this week. Their responses were 1/2 expected, had some surprises and several funny stories about Addie and her strong personality.

Michelle: "Addie is our leader, inquisitive and unique. She is such her own little person. She is nosey!! If anything at all interesting or new is going on in the room, she is the first one to find out what is going on. She is always asking in her little voice, What are you doing? She wants to be where everyone is."

Lindsey: "Addie is strong willed and cracks us up constantly with wanting to put a baby in her tummy. As soon as she does it, she gets all the other girls to do it in her class and before we know it everyone is walking around with a baby in their tummy. She makes sure to discuss the baby in Jayla's mommy's tummy every single day when she comes in."

I do a big Top 10 list each year on their birthdays, but wanted to do a mini-one to remember Addie at 2.5 in no particular order

1. Her brother - "Bubba."
2. Playing with her mommy's hair she is very persistent and doesn't give up until she gets it sometimes after 10 minutes of working on it. She will not accept help until the very end.
3. Asking questions and talking - so clear now. Just yesterday in the back of the car, she said, "When you are done with it Bubba will you give it to me?" I flipped around so fast because I couldn't believe my ears.
4. Baby Marcie
5. Her doggies
6. Folding anything and everything she can find!

7. PINK! The funny story about this picture is once she had Carter's medal on, I was talking to her about playing a sport and getting a medal of her own. She was all excited so I asked her what was her favorite sport that she wanted to play and she yelled "PINK!" She is conditioned to say PINK anytime she hears the words, "What is your Favorite...." Too funny!
8. Nursery Rhymes like Baa Baa Black Sheep
9. Doing anything and everything by herself. Last night with Blake she insisted on going to the bathroom, pulling up undies, washing her hands, putting on pull up to go to bed and putting on pajamas without Blake's assistance at all.
10. Her friends - Ella Perkins, Ella Madrid and Jack Putnicki, that she talks about ALL the time!

Her routine: She is sleeping in her big girl bed and wakes up around 7AM now. She will eat anything for breakfast and right now loves lucky charms and rice crispies. She sits at the table in the mornings and just talks back and forth with Carter. She doesn't care what she wears in the mornings still and runs into her class at school so happy to be there each morning. Blake said she even went around and hugged each individual friend this past Monday morning to say hello. In the afternoons, she loves to be outside or anywhere her brother is and usually Marcie is right by her side. She knows she has allergies to foods and usually is the first person to point out what she can't have. We do bedtime routine starting just before 7 with a bath, medicine including 2 puffs of her Advair inhaler and 2.5 mg of Zyrtec, reading LOTS of books and in bed at 8. Addie likes to be pat to sleep for a  minute and then usually flips over to her back and talks and sings loudly to Marcie for 10-15 minutes before she passes out for the night.

Her quirks: Little things can set her off into a meltdown.

Fun things to remember about her at this age: Her smile and how much she talks. She is very opinionated.
Bad habits: Her occasional meltdowns when things don't go exactly her way.

Over all personality: Super sharp little girl who is pretty tough and rarely cries when pushed by her older brother!
If you have made it through this long post and know Miss Addie, we would LOVE to have you comment on what you think of Miss Addie at 2.5 years old so we can keep your comments for her to have.

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