Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3rd Annual Front Yard Bash...

...was the best yet! Each year I learn more and more about throwing a Halloween Party and this year's theme was all about keeping it simple to enjoy the kids and guests! We tried to keep it smaller this year with a Monday morning awaiting us just a few hours later and we somewhat succeeded with just under 50 guests. With the amazing help of my mother-in-law in washing dishes, the McPeaks and Boerckels manning clean up outside and the amazing Perkins staying until every item was in its original place, our family was in bed and sawing logs by 9:30PM and Monday morning had a pleasant arrival... not too bad at all! Thank you guys!

Some of the guests with lots of smiles and catching up.

 The body part eating station... toes, teeth, fingers and eye balls.... YUMMY!!!

The food was superb!

The best trick-or-treating yet. Such a blast it was in such a large group.  This was a the very first year that we had made as a family more than 5-6 houses up the street and was yet again AMAZED by my neighborhood as a whole and all the Halloween festivities at many of the houses. After knocking on the doors, many door were warmly opened to find several people inside dressed up ready to "oooh and ahhhh" at the kids and pass out candy.
It was good there was so many of us as we were able to keep up with the SPIDERMEN boys running at full speed and then take our time with the other ones.
Soon after leaving, we realized that 18 adults needed some beverages for this long walk and Blake ran to get the trusty red wagon filled with lots of cold beverages. Soon though, he somehow, had about 65 pounds of additional weight.
These girls were spoiled dozens and dozens of times when both their daddy's took time dragging the 100+ pounds up to each individual door way to "trick-or-treat!"
The "Spidey Moms!"
This was the best Halloween yet and with a couple more key learnings, next year is going to rock EVEN more. (I think I am going to work on getting a golf cart as a beverage and toddler carrying addition to the shin-dig!) ;)


The Dieckmans said...

Megan your pictures are perfect. The color, clarity, and angle are soooo amazing. I would like to think if I bought the same camera my pictures would look like yours, however I suspect it's not the camera....it's the photographer! Thanks for a great time this past Sunday.

Emily Suzanne said...

This looks SO fun!!! I'm inspired to throw one of my own next year!

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