Friday, October 22, 2010

A Typical Day For Marcie...

Addie has done nothing but increase her focus and attention on Marcie as the weeks go by. Recently I snapped a few candid pictures of the interesting life of Marcie Brown... She does wake up every morning and must use the potty just as Addie does.
After school, she and her friends usually get to go to the playground curtesy of Carter.
After bath time, Addie gets to have her one-on-one special attention with all of her 5 babies and will play indepently in her room for 30-45 minutes or until her big brother busts in.
After she got them covered up she sang them lullabys.
She was so focused on taking care of them that she seriously had no clue I was laying on her bed.
This is also a typical scene for Marcie. I walked by yesterday to see Spiderman giving her a "tune-up" with a drill.
I asked Marcie what he favorite time of the day was and she said, "Lounging while the kids are at school for sure!"

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Alison Madrid said...

This is hilarious! Ella does the same exact thing with her baby. It is amazing because Austin never played independently like that, but Ella will play with her babies for as long as we let her. She covers them just like Addie to put them to night-night.
love our girls!

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